An Authentic French Crêperie

The team behind Jackson’s favorite French bakery, La Brioche, introduces “Whisk” - a crêperie that creates authentic French crêpes in a variety of savory and sweet combinations. Whisk serves crêpes for breakfast, lunch and dinner made with traditional wheat flour as well as the nutty-flavored and gluten-free buckwheat flour – galettes - as originally used in the crêpes’ birthplace of Bretagne, France. Crêpes may be paired with traditional French ingredients such as ham and Gruyere, or Italian ingredients such as prosciutto with figs or arugula and balsamic. Sweet crêpes include fresh fruit-filled options topped with the artisanal gelato crafted by La Brioche. Some of the most popular desserts from La Brioche will also be available at Whisk.


About the Owners

Whisk is the creation of the sisters Cristina Lazzari and pastry chef Alejandra Mamud, co-owners of La Brioche Patisserie, a French pastry shop in Jackson, Mississippi. The sisters conceived the concept for Whisk, an authentic French crêperie, through Mamud’s study of French culinary techniques at the French Pastry School of Chicago, and Lazzari’s extensive travels and stays throughout Europe.  With this new endeavor, the Whisk Team seeks to share their culinary roots from Europe and South America with the Mississippi community by creating these authentic and highly versatile delicacies.