Il Lupo Coffee

Specialty Coffee, Handcrafted Beverages and Loose Leaf Teas

il Lupo brings a fresh and relatable approach to specialty coffee to the Jackson area. With North Carolina’s Counter Culture Coffee as its roaster, il Lupo serves espresso and milk-based drinks, along with a seasonally rotating selection of drip and pour-over coffees, handcrafted beverages and loose leaf teas.


About the Owners

From local husband and wife team Ana Lampton and Taylor Triplett, with General Manager Tyler Emerson (formerly of Starkville’s 929 Coffee and Jackson’s Deep South Pops), comes il Lupo Coffee. Passionate about their hometown and ways to bring people together, this team created il Lupo with the goal of enhancing the quality of life of Jacksonians. On the concept, Triplett explains, “il Lupo, meaning ‘the wolf’ in Italian, derives from the phrase ‘in bocca al lupo’ or ‘good luck.’  With each cup we offer, we feel there is an unsaid exchange taking place, our own way of telling you in whatever way you need it, ‘good luck.’

He adds, “it is important, too, to note that we also chose the name as an homage to Mississippi-born legend Howlin’ Wolf. Our hometown of Jackson is a crossroads after-all, and that is exactly what we hope to accomplish with il Lupo--a place where the unique and the familiar can meet...and maybe share a story over a cup of coffee.”