Bocca Pizzeria

A Classic Neopolitan Pizzeria

Simple, classic and delicious, Bocca Pizzeria brings the tradition of classic pizza “Napoletana” to the heart of the capital city. Bocca owners Cristina and Patrik Lazzari, together with local chef, Austin Lee, embrace the custom of using the simple, yet essential elements of southern Italian cuisine—flour, mozzarella, olive oil and tomatoes—to create traditional Neopolitan pizza. The result for patrons is authentic and delicious, reminiscent of the pizzas that were a staple in Patrik’s childhood home of Puglia, a region in the heel of the famous Italian boot. Bocca means “mouth” in Italian and Bocca Pizzeria is based on the simple truth that with our mouths we provide nourishment to our bodies and we tell and share stories. Bocca seeks to provide both at Cultivation Food Hall - Buon Appetito!


About the Owner and Chef

Italy is the homeland of Bocca’s owner Patrik Lazzari, who migrated to Mississippi in 2002 with his Argentinian wife, Cristina Lazzari. The couple co-owns La Brioche Patisserie in Jackson, a french pastry shop with influences from their respective home countries. With Bocca Pizzeria, Patrik aims to offer local patrons the original, centuries-old version of pizza, which has been altered and re-invented over time throughout the world. He replicates the authentic Neopolitan pizza of his youth by incorporating the flavors of his southern Italian roots, and olive oil harvested and pressed by his parents, who own an olive orchard in the Italian region of Puglia, where he grew up. Patrik teamed up with local chef, Austin Lee, to bring the concept to life.

With a total of 20 years of experience in the food industry, Chef Austin Lee has spent most of those years mixing flour, shaping and tossing pizzas, using various techniques and cooking methods, with both conveyor ovens and wood-fired ovens. His love for pizza is evident as he has spent countless hours finding the perfect combination of flour, leavening method, tomato sauce and cooking method for Bocca’s pizzas.