Ariella’s NY Delicatessen

An Authentic New York-Style Deli

Ariella’s NY Delicatessen is the only New York-style deli in the state of Mississippi. Ariella’s is committed to using only the highest-quality products while maintaining the authentic deli cuisine and experience you might expect in the Big Apple. Owner Chef Alivia Townsend has over 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry and has spent years planning her delicatessen. The menu will include traditional deli items such as pastrami, corn beef, matzo ball soup and cheesecake, paired with other dishes that reflect Chef Townsend’s own culinary influences and ideas.


About the Chef

Owner Chef Alivia Townsend is not new to the food scene in Mississippi. From an early age, Chef Townsend’s family gathered over massive feasts and this is where she connected food to love. She has built a reputation among locals as a strong promoter and supporter of locally owned eateries. Townsend has been in the food industry for over 15 years and has experience ranging from service in the kitchen to roles in management as well as serving as chef and owner. She has studied the New York deli concept for years, paying close attention to local wants and expectations. When the opportunity to be a part of Cultivation Food Hall presented itself, Chef Townsend knew it was the perfect location and concept to start her New York deli.